Planning An Outdoor Tent Wedding With 3D Software

What exactly is 3D wedding planning? Take a look at this video or allow us to explain all the great benefits of using 3D software to plan your wedding.

Who Is It For?

• Over 90% of our 3D drawings are used for our tent wedding clients. However, some large corporate events use it to help with seating arrangements under their tent.

What Does It Do?

• Allows you to get a realistic visual of your event before your event date. It helps you get an idea of how to set up your event which saves you a ton of time if you plan ahead.

Why Does It Help?

• It saves a ton of time when you try to map out where everyone will sit and where to put your food tables, dance floor and everything else under the tent.

With 3D

• Integrates with Google Maps to fit right onto your property
• Change colors of linens to match your order
• More vivid and realistic visual
• Allows a walk thru feature
• Completely customized to your event

Without 3D

• Black and white only
• 2D layout
• No walk thru feature
• Harder to make changes
• Doesn’t integrate with Google Maps

How Much Does It Cost?

• Other companies charge extra for the time it takes them to build out your wedding drawing. We offer this service completely free to all of our clients. 

How Does It Work?

• We do all of the work. You don’t actually design your wedding yourself. This saves a lot of headaches for you and we edit it until it is perfect.

  • We get your address to integrate the drawing right onto your property
  • We build out a rough draft based off your initial quote
  • As we get closer to your event date we edit it to apply any changes that have been made
  • We match table colors to match your order's linen colors
  • We allow you to print it out and use it during set up

Top Features

• Integrates with Google Maps
• Everything is fit to scale and 100% accurate
• Can be printed and used during set up
• Can be viewed on any device
• Vivid and realistic 
• 100% Free

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