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We’ve been providing tent and party rentals in Maryland since 2010.

Built On Dreams

Everybody has their own definition for the “American Dream”. For the Hennigan brothers, it’s opportunity. Dreamers was founded in 2010 and at first, our goal was to offer great rentals for all events… Until we discovered that we have a bigger purpose.  We wanted to be more than just another rental company with great rentals. It wasn’t an easy (or quick) process to figure out our “true purpose”… Then it hit us…

It started by raising the standards for our products and services. We let it be known throughout our entire team that we WILL provide great equipment and service BUT we will also give our clients more than that…

Our new purpose/passion became simplicity and convenience

The big problem was… we already thought it was pretty easy to order rentals from our company. Turns out, we were wrong. The start to becoming the most convenient event rental company was providing 3D event layouts to help our clients visualize their event in 3D before we delivered and made their event a reality.

Next, we started offering free quizzes and downloadable resources online that allowed our clients to get the answers they’re looking for based on the most common questions we get asked. 

We wanted to avoid “pressuring sales tactics” by forcing people to contact us just to see our prices or start helping them. We wanted to create transparency that allows our clients to use our online tools to answer simple questions and when YOU are ready, we make it super easy to contact our team and get help planning your event rentals. So for Kevin and Dennis (owners)… We’re built on fulfilling our dreams. And our dream is to help clients plan their event and provide them with the highest quality of rentals in the easiest, most simplified way. 

Built On Values

Our entire team shares the same 5 core values within our company.

Owners of Dreamers Event Rentals

Built On Creative

We do things differently. Our company stands by the opportunity to be creative. We don’t believe in limitations and we encourage our clients to think creative. One of the best parts about our event rental company is every event is unique. We love to see the different visions our clients have and it’s our favorite challenge to best fulfill our clients event plans. If you’re planning an event, we encourage you to make it how you want it. No matter how crazy it may be… make every event you have, the best. Because life is about creating experiences and moments that last forever.

Built On Loyalty

Co-Owner of Dreamers Event Rentals Kevin Hennigan

Kevin Hennigan

Co-Owner & Sales Manager

Kevin is a master of event planning for our clients. Whether you need help choosing a tent size or which linens look best on your tables... He is your go-to to make sure your event is EXACTLY the way you envision it.

Co-Owner of Dreamers Event Rentals Dennis Hennigan

Dennis Hennigan

Co-Owner & Marketing Director

Dennis is probably the reason you're reading this right now. He makes sure to put our company in front of the people that need our event rentals. 

Built On Excellence

We strive for excellence from start to finish, no matter how big or small our clients events are. Which is why we’re proud to have over 100+ (5) Star reviews from our past clients that have had an excellent experience with our Dreamers Event Rentals.

Built On Trust

Dreamers Event Rentals has been providing tent and party rentals in Maryland since 2010.

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