How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Party Tent?

20x40 Party Tent Rental

Planning an outdoor tent event comes with a swarm of questions… While the most popular being, “How much does it cost to rent a party tent?” You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for a smaller party tent, while some tents can range from $600 to $2,000. In short, the cost of your party tent will depend on a variety of factors.

We’re going to breakdown all of the costs you should be aware of, so you can better understand if you’re overpaying for your party tent.

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Tent Rental Costs Based On Size and Style

The first and most obvious cost we’re going to breakdown is the cost of the tent rental itself. Depending on the rental company you’re considering, you should have a large variety of party tent rentals to choose from. The fastest way to determine the right tent to rent, is to answer a few questions below to eliminate a majority of options that aren’t a good fit.

  1. How many people are you expecting? (A tent for 30-50 people can range from $250 – $500 where a tent for 150 people can cost upwards of $1,500)
  2. What are you using the tent for? (Just shade and rain coverage will require a smaller tent than if you’re having seating, food, dance floor, DJ, bar, etc)
  3. Is the tent going on grass or asphalt? (This will determine the type of tent you rent, pole vs frame. Check out this article to learn more about the difference between a pole tent and frame tent)
  4. Lastly… when is your date of event? (Sometimes, you can catch great deals if your event is during the “off-season”)

Tent Installation Costs

Every event rental company is different. You’ll want to carefully review your quote to determine if the rental company is charging extra for installation or not. Our company (Dreamers Event Rentals) factors the cost of installation into the rental. Therefore, we do not charge extra for installation.

Another installation cost to look out for is whether the installation is considered “standard” or if there are any added costs for a variety of things such as an excessive walk to installation area due to not having direct access, requiring any special accommodations in order for the tent to fit (i.e. cutting down tree branches), etc. If you don’t notify your rental company of these things in advance, it’s very common that this will result in some unexpected added costs. (as they should because it is requiring more labor/time).

To wrap up installation costs, you’ll want to decide if your tent can be secured by stakes or not. If your rental company cannot stake into the ground to secure the tent, most companies will charge an extra fee for concrete weighted blocks. This is also common.

Tent Add-Ons You Should Consider

Do NOT assume that your tent rental includes sidewalls, lights, A/C or heating. These are all considered tent accessories and they can be provided for an additional cost. Not every client will want/need every tent add-on available. Therefore, almost every rental company will offer these as an add-on item if you’d like them.

The size/style of your tent, paired with the weather conditions will likely determine how many tent accessories you’ll need.

For example, if your event is in October then the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Suppose you’d like to have a heated tent but the weather is forecasted for 60 degrees. Now suppose the temps are estimated to be 35 degrees (for whatever reason in October). This may change the amount of heaters and sidewalls that you’d want/need to rent.

The best advice we give our clients for trying to predict the weather? Depending on the date of event, we recommend you rent partial coverage. For example, if you want to rent sidewalls to help prevent the rain… Cover half of your tent at the time of reserving instead of the entire tent. 

Here’s Why: You’ll likely still have to pay for the sidewalls whether you use them or not. So if you end up not needing them, you’re wasting money. Whereas if you do need them (or even more), then it is much easier to rent a few extra walls versus trying to rent a bunch of sidewalls last minute. While you also aren’t wasting any money if you end up not wanting all of the sidewalls you’ve reserved.

Get Help Choosing The Right Tent Rental

We hope you found this article helpful. But if you want more help by getting our recommendation on which tent rental is best for your event, contact our event professionals today. Dreamers Event Rentals is located at 12300 Owings Mills Blvd Ste 8 Reisterstown, Maryland 21136. Stop by or call us at 410-881-2227. For even faster assistance, fill out the short form below and contact us today and let’s celebrate together!


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