Tent Accessories That Make Your Tent Rental Complete

We provide tent accessories that will help complete your tented event by offering temperature control, lighting and more.

Tent Sidewalls With Windows

Add tent sidewalls to protect your event from rain and wind. We install your sidewalls around the perimeter of your tent rental. 

  • Free Installation Included
  • Prevents Rain
  • Encloses Your Tent
  • Easily Connects To Tent
  • Windows Add A Nice Touch

Sidewalls Rent For: $30/Sidewall

Tent Sidewalls Without Windows

You can rent tent sidewalls without windows to block out any unwanted view around your tent or to provide privacy inside your tent rental.

  • Free Installation Included
  • Prevents Rain
  • Encloses Your Tent
  • Easily Connects To Tent
  • Best Used For Privacy

Sidewalls Rent For: $30/Sidewall

Bistro/Cafe Lighting

Bistro lighting is gorgeous and can make your event extra special. We provide free installation to hang these lights around the edge of the tent. 

  • Most Popular Lighting Rental
  • Free Installation Included
  • Installs In Ceiling Or Perimeter
  • Easily Connects To Tent

Bistro Lights Rent For: $25/Strand

Globe Lighting

Our globe lighting is a great option to keep your event going into the night. These lights are only used around the edge of the tent and do not get installed in the ceiling.

  • Free Installation Included
  • Installs Around Perimeter Only
  • Great For All Events
  • Easily Connects To Tent

Globe Lights Rent For: $40/Strand

String Lighting

String lighting (X-mas lights) are most used as “ambiance” lights and are not intended to act as a lighting source. We include free perimeter installation.

  • Free Installation Included
  • Best Used For Ambiance
  • Installs In Ceiling Or Perimeter
  • Easily Connects To Tent

String Lights Rent For: $5/Strand

Colored Uplighting

You can set these lights to a specific color of your choice OR you can set these lights to pulse mode, which the lights will “pulse” to the beat of any music playing.

  • Free Installation Included
  • Choice of A Set Color OR Pulse Mode
  • Great For Weddings Or Parties w/ A DJ

Uplights Rent For: $25/Uplight

Tent Rental Uplighting

Tent Drapery

If you’re looking to add a special touch to your event, our tent drapery is your answer. This is our more cost effective alternative to “tent liner”. 

  • Free Installation Included
  • Installs In Ceiling
  • Perfect For Weddings

Tent Drapes Rent For: $115/Drape

Tent Heaters

Our tent heaters are perfect for keeping your tented event heated and warm. In order to keep the heat inside of the tent, you’ll want to rent sidewalls to enclose your tent. 

  • Free Installation Included
  • Keep Your Guests Warm And Cozy
  • Small and Large Heaters Available
  • Just Flip A Switch And It's On
  • Great For All Colder Weather Events

Tent Heaters Rent For: $200

Tent Fans

Renting tent fans can keep your guests cool during warmer months. They’re drum fans that sit on the ground and can be placed anywhere throughout your tent.

  • Great For All Events
  • Just Plug In And Use
  • Keep Your Guests Cool

Tent Fans Rent For: $50

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