When Should I Reserve My Rental Order?

Every order is different because every event is different. We’re going to give you some helpful insight that will help you determine when the best time to reserve your order is based on your type of event. There are a couple of reasons why reserving your order at the right time is important. Because the obvious answer would be to reserve it as soon as possible right? Well, depending on the event, not necessarily. Let’s take a look.

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Sometimes companies run specials and discounted pricing based on the time of the year. Every rental company tends to experience a slow season during the winter, while peak season is generally from spring until fall. Let’s take a look at some different factors that can affect when to reserve your order.

What Time Of Year Is Your Event?

Peak Season
• Typically between May and all the way through until October is considered peak season
• Inventory can be very limited depending on your event date
• Popular items rent faster than other rentals
• Tents and inflatables are much more limited than tables and chairs

Slow Season
• Typically between November and can run until early April
• Companies usually run specials and promotions during this time
• Timing isn’t as much of a pressing issue during these months

What Items Are You Renting?

Most Popular Items You’ll Want To Reserve ASAP

• Any tent rental (companies have 10x as many tables and chairs than tents)
Resin chairs
Round tables
Dance flooring
Cathedral Sidewalls

These are some popular rental items that get reserved early due to the high demand of large weddings. So if you are renting a smaller event and want any of the items listed below, be sure to reserve them early due to the high demand. 

What Type Of Event Are You Having?

Depending on the type of event you’re having can have a huge impact on when to reserve your order. 

Events You’ll Want To Reserve Early

• Weddings (during May/June/September/October)
• Birthday parties
• Graduations (during May/June/July)

Timeline By Event Type

This will give you an idea of when you should reserve your order based on what type of event you’re having. 


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