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Step #1: Choose Your Table

Before even browsing different linens, it’s important to know which tables you’re planning to put linens on. This part is simple because 99% of the the time, you’ll either have round or rectangle tables. 

Step #2: Choose Your Length

Next, you’ll want to know how far you want your linens to drop/fall off the side of your tables. This will depend on what size your tables are. For example, if you have a 48″ table vs a 60″ table then a 108″ table linen will fall longer and shorter depending on which table you’re renting…

To help you with this, we show you some examples of our most popular table rentals. The images below are the estimated “drop” that our linens will overhang on both an 8ft rectangle table and 60in round table.

**8ft Rectangle Examples**

90" x 132" Polyester Table Cloth
90" x 156" Polyester Table Cloth

**60in Round Examples**

96" Round Polyester Table Cloth
Polyester Table Linen Rentals
108" Round Polyester Table Cloth
Round Table Linen Rentals
120" Round Polyester Table Cloth

Step #3: Choose Your Color

Our most popular linen material is “polyester”. If you’re renting polyester then you’ll have 59+ linen colors to choose from. Aka, there is a good chance we carry a color that will match your event perfectly. See the chart below for samples.

If you’re interested in other materials, we carry a variety of different options. Please reach out to our team to view samples or plan your event.


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Linen Rentals In Reisterstown Maryland

Premium linen rentals in Reisterstown, MD. However, we service a large area such as Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Baltimore City, Howard County and More. Call us to discuss your next event or learn more about us.

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