Honoring Hampstead’s Best Wedding Photographer

For those of you who are from Hampstead can understand how much of a small area this is. We operate out of a “everybody knows everybody” town. So even though this is a small town, it doesn’t mean that BIG things don’t happen. This county has a huge small business success rate and particularly in the wedding industry. 

One in particular is Sarah Wockenfuss Photography. The photography industry alone, is one of the most competitive small businesses to get started and she has absolutely crushed it. 

A local native herself having graduated from North Carroll High School, she continues to excel in providing Hampstead and surrounding areas with impeccable wedding photography. Another incredible part of Sarah’s success is she shoots her weddings alongside her partner in life and business Tim Walsh. Her clients love the relationship that Sarah and Tim have during their sessions/weddings. 

Sarah Wockenfuss Photography


Reviews Speak For Themselves

Sarah is one of the highest rated wedding photographers in our area. Nothing but 5 stars on every single social platform. The most being from Facebook where you can check out her page where she posts some of the most heartfelt blogs about her clients and shares some INCREDIBLE photos that she takes. You can take a look at her Facebook page with this link Click Here.

It’s not just all business though… Sarah has an incredible personal side that helps her engage with her clients and turn clients into friends. She’s a huge fan of racing, The Walking Dead and Batman. That’s what makes Sarah so different and highly recommended because you don’t feel like you’re getting your “picture taken” you feel great about yourself, you feel confident and you feel like you’re meeting your new best friend while she is at work. 


A Real Knockout

We’ve chosen to honor Sarah for more than just her business accomplishments. We realized this through working with her multiple times that she has an incredible work ethic. If you find another photographer that goes above and beyond further than her then let me know. She starts her wedding packages around $2,600 and that includes your engagement session…. She is offering better quality than the photographers you may have found that are charging a bare minimum $5k. 

And that is why she’s a true knockout photographer because she stays reasonable. Her quality is well worth the price but it’s also the experience. Having seen her work, there is nothing short of stating; choosing Sarah and Tim as your wedding photographers is like walking down the street and finding a $100 dollar bill. 

When you find money on the ground, you may think “hey it’s my lucky day”. But there is nothing lucky about Sarah, it’s continuous hard work and dedication to be an outstanding wedding photographer. So even though there’s nothing lucky about Sarah as your photographer, you’ll be left with the pure satisfaction comparable to finding a $100 dollar bill on the ground. 

View some of her work below and check her out.

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