How Do You Rent A Wedding Tent?

If you are tired of spinning in circles trying to find a venue that has all of your wants and needs then it’s time to consider an outdoor tent wedding. Since you decided to view this article, I’m assuming you want quick insight on what all is involved with renting a wedding tent. So, we’re going to get straight to the point. Here is what we’ll cover. 

  • Difference in tents
  • Determine the size you need
  • How to decorate
  • When to reserve
  • What else you need

Are you ready to get all the answers to your questions?

Difference In Tents

There are many styles of tents but think about a pair of pants. You’ve got dress pants, jeans, sweatpants etc but in the end, they’re all just pants. With tents, you’ve got a lot of tent “names” but the only thing that would concern you the customer, is the difference between a frame and a pole tent.

Let’s Compare:

Pole Tent-
• Less expensive
• Has center poles in the center of the tent
• Can often only be installed on grass
• Has more “tie-downs” around the edge of the tent

Frame Tent-
• Stronger and more durable
• Can be installed on any surface
• Typically more expensive because it has better features
• No poles underneath the center of the tent

If you are curious as to which one is best for you, we do have a quick quiz you can take that will help you decide which tent is best for you.

Take The Quiz

Our Answer:
If you want our advice it’s this… I always say, if it was my wedding and I had the choice, I would choose a frame tent over a pole tent 110% of the time. I’m not knocking the pole tent but compared to a frame tent, a frame tent wins every time. 

Determine The Size You Need

The golden rule to figuring out what size tent you need is to determine what you’re doing under the tent. You could have a wedding with 200 people but if you only want the tent for cocktail hour as you’re doing everything else not under a tent than you’re likely going to be confused if you’re trying to determine the size you need.

Main Factors That Control The Size You Need:

• Will you have a dance floor?
• Will you have a head table or sweetheart table?
• Will you have buffet style food lines?
• Are you planning on doing the ceremony under the tent also?
• How many people are you expecting?
• Anything else like games, dj, live band, etc going under the tent?

As you can expect, the more you’re trying to do under the tent, the larger tent you’ll need. 

Most popular sizes for weddings between 100-200 people will likely put you around a 40 x 40 up to a 40 x 120.


How To Decorate

There are so many ways to decorate your wedding tent and this is the pure beauty in outdoor tent weddings. You have the ability to decorate as wildly as you can imagine. 

We have an article on some easy DIY ideas for decorating your wedding. You can always grab some ideas from Pinterest and other online platforms that you could look at all day long. Just Google “outdoor wedding tents” and you’ll see just how beautiful outdoor tent weddings can be.

If you’d like to view our DIY decoration ideas, click the link below.
DIY Decorating Ideas

When To Reserve

We recommend, the second you are 100% set on having an outdoor tent wedding, is the right time to reserve your order. 

Do you remember when you were younger and you may have had to do school projects and the first one done got a piece of candy? And since you were the first one, you could pick ANYTHING the teacher had to offer. 

That is how availability works. If you are committed to a tent wedding, get your deposit in early, change your order later, but at least get your deposit in because you will have a full range of availability at your disposal. 

What Else You'll Need

The answer to this question is situational. You may have one thing but maybe not the other so we will provide you with a general list of common add-ons that you’ll need for your tent wedding. 

The List:
• Restrooms
• Trash cans
• Lighting
• Silverware or dishes
• Decorations

We offer lighting and trash cans but you may need some of the other items from other vendors or online. 


We hope this quick little article has offered you some value in planning your outdoor tent wedding. We have a ton of resources to give your more information. However the best place to find more insight is the link below. You’ll get a ton of great information that we have provided for you. Take a look… Thanks for reading 🙂

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