How To Plan A Wedding Under $5,000

We’re going to inform brides that are struggling to find an affordable venue and show them how they can get everything they’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Before you read, remember that I do not have a magic wand. However, I do have some great insight that will allow you to stop wasting time at overpriced venues and spend more time planning the wedding of your dreams. 

Does this sound like you?

Recently engaged maybe? This may vary depending on who is reading but let’s say you just got engaged. YES! Finally, he popped the question. So you get online in search of the most gorgeous wedding venue.  

You tour this place and you LOVE it. Time to reserve this venue and make this baby all yours…. for 4 hours. 

Wait what?… 

So you do some research and realize your venue only allows a 4 hour rental with only 1 hour private rehearsal session. 

You also find out that doesn’t include food. And when you’re ready to choose your caterer, you can only use the selected caterers that they allow. 

But wait, that base price was only for 75-80 guests. If you’re having about 150 that is a different package which starts at $8,000.

Irritated and speechless, you begin to “weigh some options”. 

At this point while you’re reading this, I’d like to say welcome to the Dreamers family because we’re about to show you how you can get EVERYTHING you want for under $5,000. Now obviously this won’t be for everyone but you should still gain some value from reading. Let’s begin.

What are your wedding "must-haves"?

Even though EVERY bride has different preferences, ALL brides have these “must-haves” in common. Let us know if you agree!

How to get everything you want

When a couple plans an outdoor tent wedding, they open doors that allows them to call the shots. They begin to gain full control over ALL decisions made. 

And the most amazing part, brides get all of their must-haves. Let’s go over all of the common must-haves so I can show you how. 

Enough time to set up and decorate-
• Delivery is 99% of the time delivered 2-3 days BEFORE your wedding day. This allows you to set up and decorate as long as you want. 

*Venue Average- As you probably know, venues usually allow 1 hour for setup and another hour for rehearsal the night before. 

Sufficient space for guests to feel comfortable-
• Every wedding is different. Which is why we offer tents of various sizes to accommodate small and large wedding parties. With help from our staff, you’ll only pay for the space you need.

*Venue Average- Indoor venues are obviously permanent buildings, therefore whether your guest list is 100 or 200, you’ll still be renting the entire space. Outdoor venues are more flexible but still have set rates for the “space” itself. 

Delicious food-
• When you go with an outdoor tent wedding, you can choose ANY caterer you’d like. So honestly, this is entirely up to you. However, that is the beauty of it. No restrictions on caterers.

*Venue Average- Most not ALL venues have preferred vendors that you have to choose from. You’ll have various options but some venues won’t allow you to choose some of the vendors you may have wanted.

A beautiful view and design-
• This is my favorite point to address. Most tent weddings are held at convenient locations that have a lot of land. So the plus side of this is, if you know of a beautiful property and have permission to host your wedding there, you can pick your own view.

*Venue Average- With venues, what you see is what you get. Now there is nothing wrong with that because if you’re interested in the venue, you obviously have a liking for the view. But you can’t move or adjust the venue like you could a tent wedding.

Organized day with limited chaos- 
• This kind of recaps everything listed above. Tent weddings offer limited chaos due to the amount of time you have to prepare. Take your time making sure everything is just right because there is no time limit for setup, rehearsal, etc.

*Venue Average- I’ve seen it all too often. When we deliver to venues, we often can’t deliver until the day of because the venue may be rented the day/night before. There simply just isn’t enough time to unwind and be fully prepared. 

Real life example

Now let’s talk about price. Because I am sure you are wondering how much something this great is going to cost. Have no worries, I’m about to show you.

**For privacy purposes, I’ve blocked out personal details but this is an actual customer of ours that has a wedding coming up next month.

Important Details-
• This order includes no discounts
• This event accommodates 105 guests
• Includes all tables, chairs AND linens
• Also has a dance floor
• This includes sidewalls which are OPTIONAL

With an outdoor wedding, you get everything you need for (in this example) only $2,838.70.

“But wait… that doesn’t include food, I knew there was a catch” Well, not necessarily because she chose to do a buffet style menu and chose her favorite bbq foods that allows her guests to come hungry and leave happy. Her catering was everything she wanted and only cost her $1,750 (we know the caterer). 


Final thoughts

There are many questions related to an outdoor tent wedding. Questions like:

• What happens if it rains?
Answer- You would add sidewalls that completely eliminate any fear of inclement weather.

• What size tent will I need?
Answer- We have a tremendous staff that would get you the right size tent so you don’t pay for more than what you need.

• Where do I even begin planning a tent wedding?
Answer- The real answer is, after you’ve read this… You’ve already started. You simply find some examples of what you like and we will make it happen.

So what now?

Here is what happens next:

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