Everything You Need To Know About Having An Outdoor Tent Wedding

Wedding planning SUCKS! Well, maybe it doesn’t suck but it’s exhausting, right? Thanks for joining in on this article. We’re going to show you why need to consider a tent reception for your wedding.

I’m going to help you find the perfect wedding reception without catching your credit card on fire from overpriced venues.

The first thing you need to know about tent weddings, is that they are freaking gorgeous. I know a lot of people think they are tacky like circus tents but that is 100% not true. How about you be the judge. 

Do you think the picture below is a hideous wedding?

High Peak Wedding Tent Rental

Rule #1) Have An Imagination

Here, we’re handing you a paint brush. Now close your eyes and imagine your wedding being designed anyway that you’d like. 

That’s how this works. You go online and you see a billion cute ideas to do and you do just that. Make your wedding look amazing.

Beautiful Chair Rentals For Wedding Ceremony

How Does The Ceremony work?

If you’re expecting a lot of guests, then this is for you. And by a lot we declare as anything over 100. Because you can either use your tent for just the reception. Which basically you’d get married at a church or somewhere off site and then come back to celebrate under your tent.

Or….. You rent extra chairs and have your ceremony at the same location. Very convenient and very helpful with older guests who shouldn’t be traveling all over the place.

How Does The Reception Work?

You get all your friends and family together, right? Tell them a celebrity is going to be at your wedding. When your ceremony is all over and everyone is heading to your reception tent… anticipating a celebrity, you start going crazy and dancing. 

Okay, horrible example of a tent reception. But no really, once the ceremony is over, you guide your guests under your tent and start celebrating. You can start with your first dance, then bridal party speeches and so on. 

The cool part is, the freedom… You have zero restrictions on other vendors. Choose whoever you’d like and party your BUTTS OFF! Hopefully you’re learning why a tent reception is the way to go for your wedding.

40 x 60 Frame Tent Installed On Grass

What if It rains?

We run to the store and buy 150 umbrellas for everyone. Sike, even though that’s probably what some people might think.

Dealing with rain is easy. All you have to do is reserve what we call “sidewalls” and it’ll enclose your tent and make it feel like a building. Unless it’s legitimately a hurricane, rain is nothing to worry about. Your sidewalls will be on the front line making sure your wedding goes off smooth.

How Long do you get to use the rentals?

You might want to sit down for this one because this IS the best part. Typically, we install our tents with 2 sometimes 3 days in advance. We don’t return to pick everything up until the following Monday or Tuesday. 

So what does this mean?

• Plenty of time to setup
• Plenty of time to cleanup
• Plenty of time to celebrate with nobody pushing you out

Where do i even begin to start planning?

You begin by closing your eyes and thinking about your dream wedding. Or, to help us out start collecting/saving some pictures online of some tent weddings that you like. Planning an outdoor tent reception is a lot easier then planning a venue reception.

We’re not genies but I will tell you, what we can do is pretty magical. After you have an idea of what you want, we will help you get everything you need. 

That means getting you a price quote with only what you need…. NOT overpriced service fees that only tick both of us off.

From there, if everything looks good we will ask for a deposit to reserve your wedding and that’s when we really go to work. We help you pick out your linen colors. We build a 3D layout for you so you can see your wedding in a 3D image to get a better idea of how everything will be arranged and laid out.

Beautiful Ceremony With Tent Reception
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