How To Throw The Best “Carroll County Style” Wedding

If you’re about to tie the knot and you’re from or around Carroll County then give this article your full attention. 

What does this county love the most? Farmland, beer, country living, etc… right? Well why would you choose any other wedding that doesn’t fit the Carroll County lifestyle other than an outdoor tent wedding. Now hold up a minute, I’m not gonna spend the rest of this article telling you how to get married, that’s none of my business. But what is my business? Well, my business is making sure you’re at least fully informed about how to have the best Carroll County style wedding.  Let’s get right into it.

Carroll County Farmland Views

We may not be like the small towns in Kentucky or Montana but let me tell you… we can grow some crops in this county. That is the backbone of this great county. So how does farming have anything to do with getting married? There are many Carroll County Wedding Venues such as Montagu Meadows, Good Feelings Farm, The Manor at River Run, Wisteria Cottage and Barn, The Royer House and more. In addition, if you, your family or friends has a nice and flat piece of land then you could use this to create a stunning farm style outdoor tent wedding.

How Does This Relate To A Wedding? –
Well that’s your location. Yes, I’m being serious… Go find yourself the most beautiful piece of country land you know of and go find the flattest spot and give us a call. You’ll have plenty of room for parking, ceremony and one awesome reception.

BLOG CHALLENGE: Can you think of a more beautiful view then any country farmland around sunset? 

Full Dance Floor At Outdoor Tent Wedding Reception

All About Community

We love nothing more than getting together with our family and friends to have a good time. Even though some would disagree, this is in most areas a blue collar town. And the ones that agree would tell you that they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

After all, our friends and family mean the most to us. When we hang out, it isn’t on boats or at fancy restaurants (nothing against those things, we use boats for Saturday morning fishing and restaurants to take momma out to dinner on Mother’s Day) it’s at our friends houses each week with bonfires and good times. 

How Does This Relate To A Wedding? –
That’s who we are and that’s what we love. That’s what tent weddings are all about… laid back and celebrating with the ones we love the most.

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Local Catering Experts

When we get married in Carroll County are we eating lobster and salmon? Maybe, because those do sound good… But where we’re from, we love our pit beef, ham, turkey and brisket. We love our mac and cheese, green beans, baked beans and even some home made sides. Check out Outlaw BBQ Smokehouse if you love bbq food.

How Does This Relate To A Wedding? –
This is the best type of country wedding food. Everybody here tends to love bbq foods. You don’t pay per head, you pay in bulk to allow everyone to FEAST. That’s what makes country weddings great.

BLOG CHALLENGE: Can you name another food choice that would fit a country style wedding better than bbq?

The Love of country music

I feel like I don’t even have to explain this one here… We LOVE our country music. Nothing beats cranking up our favorite songs, making a big circle and taking turns showing off our moves in the middle of our friends and family. We call it “getting down on the dance floor”.

How Does This Relate To A Wedding? –
On most farmlands, you can’t hear anything for awhile. So with tent weddings, you can save money on an expensive DJ and rent a sound system that will crank your favorite country songs during your reception. 

PS. (I’m listening to Party People by Florida Georgia Line while I type this right now)

BLOG CHALLENGE: Do you love blasting country music with the windows down?

Rustic Is The Secret

It’s who we are and it’s how we were raised. We like to get our hands dirty and we love going out with our boots on. That is exactly the style of wedding you can create with a tent wedding. Rustic style weddings bring that country lifestyle to life and gets told in a love story.

How Does This Relate To A Wedding? –
This is the “language” or the “mood” of your wedding. Every tent wedding has a style and a feel to it, a theme. And the reason tents are perfect for a Carroll County style wedding, is because you get to decorate how you like it and you can tell a love story that fits YOU.

BLOG CHALLENGE: What type of “theme” goes better with a Carroll County style wedding more than rustic?

Best Tent Rentals In Maryland

Is an Outdoor tent wedding right for you?

If you can answer yes to the following questions then a tent wedding might be something to consider. 

  1. Do you love country music?
  2. Do you love bbq foods?
  3. Do you love the country lifestyle? 
  4. Do you love your friends and family more than anything?
  5. Do you love watching the sunset in the evening?

Tent weddings aren’t for everyone but they are definitely the best type of Carroll County style wedding. 

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