5 DIY Ideas For Decorating Your Wedding Tent

Let’s get right into some of beautiful DIY decorating ideas for your wedding tent. You may need assistance on some of these ideas but they are definitely way cheaper to DIY versus paying someone to do it. 

Also, some of the stuff/supplies you’ll need is sold in local stores and definitely online which is also a lot cheaper than renting some of the stuff. Things like string lighting, table decor, floral designing, wooden signs, chalk boards, etc. 


5) Chair Sashes That Accent Your Table Linens

If you’re dying for that beautiful “pinterest” look, then think opposites for your colors. If you have dark table cloths then you’ll want light colored chair sashes that pop. 

Likewise, if you have light colored table linens then you’ll want to go with a mid tone or darker colored chair sash that really stands out. In this picture where are your eyes drawn? First the yellow sash, then to the table… Chair sashes can be made very easily just by buying a roll of the desired material and cutting them at desired lengths. 

4) Use Wooden Signs

Everyone is doing the “wooden signs” trend. Why not join in? It’s absolutely beautiful and extremely cheap to make the signs. 

Before you make a trip to Lowe’s to buy all your wood and tools, check out some online forums and see if someone has already made exactly what you want. If you can’t find exactly what you want then wooden signs are very easy to make and very cost effective. 

3) Bistro Lights Are In

How many people reading this can honestly say you don’t like the look of bistro lights? They are very stylish and are very easy to hang. 

This is absolutely a DIY idea once you have the actual lights themselves. You’re definitely going to want to hang them yourselves because it can be pretty expensive for rental companies to hang the lights in the ceiling like the ones in the picture. However, that makes it fun because you can grab your groomsmen and do “guy things” hanging lights, the night before the wedding. 

Mother and Son Dance During an Outdoor Tent Wedding

2) White Drapery Rentals

You can find cheap rolls of drapery anywhere online. If you want the look like the picture then you’ll want to get just regular sheer sheeting. This look is called a “gathered” look. It is a lot cheaper than tent liner that forces you to rent from a rental company.

Also, it is very easy to install. A few zip ties, some tall helping hands and you’re good to go. 

1) Make Your Own Flooring

I’m going to fill you in on a little secret. Rental companies that offering flooring do one of two things… 1. They own expensive flooring panels from Biljax flooring and due to the high investment for the luxury flooring, rental companies tend to pass that expensive pricing onto you. They have to because it is a want not a need. 

And 2. Rental companies will do exactly what you see in the picture… They’ll make a level floor and then use astro carpet to cover the top and there you have it, flooring. However, if you pay a rental company to do this custom flooring, you’re looking at roughly $0.80/sqft which the larger the tent, the more expensive the flooring becomes. 

Trust us, if you have time to watch some YouTube videos, you will save a lot of money by buying the wood and astro carpet to make your own flooring versus paying outrageous labor expenses for your rental provider to install it. 


If you are in the early stages of planning your tent wedding, you’ll want to consider some of these options before paying for these services. 

You should use your rental company for the big things that you obviously can’t do yourself such as tents, tables, chairs, dance floor, etc. However, when it comes to adding “style” and making your wedding unique, definitely consider these decoration ideas. Your wedding is going to be amazing.

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