The Best Wedding Catering Choice

Where are all the BBQ lovers at?

BBQ style weddings go hand in hand with tent weddings. And we’re going to break it down for you on why if you’re having an outdoor tent wedding, you might want to reserve a BBQ caterer while you’re at it.

Key reasons BBQ is the best tent wedding catering choice:
• Who doesn’t love BBQ?
• Always leftovers
• Food stays warm in chafing dishes
• Buffet style serving is convenient

Our Featured BBQ Caterer:

We know that those 4 reasons aren’t enough to make you Google “wedding bbq caterers” right away. But we do know that if you are planning an outdoor wedding, bbq style catering is definitely your best food option. 

Cost Effective

The main reason is cost. The fancier you get with catering, the more expensive it is going to be. And honestly, the more you pay for catering doesn’t always reflect on the quality of the food or caterer themselves… It reflects on whether they provide servers or not. 

That’s right… you aren’t paying for better food, you’re paying for more service. (which more often than not is always overpriced). 

Providing a buffet style dinner is beneficial because it allows people to get what they want. 

Try to remember that your guests are different sizes ranging from grown adults to little kids. So to serve everyone the same amount of food can lead to a huge waste. Allow your guests to serve themselves.

Less Waste

Catering is originally priced by the size of the event. That is what starts the price. How many people are you serving and then what do you want? 

With other catering styles, you are usually priced by the “head”. And that is usually the total amount of guests that you’re feeding. That means, you create your entree on what you want served and you multiply it by how many people you plan on attending. 

Bbq style is a lot different. More often than not, you’ll pay for the amount of food you want versus the amount of people you’re serving. 

Example: You are expecting 150 people so you order all the foods that you like that will be enough to feed everyone. But you realize 20-30 of those guests, are kids that probably won’t eat a lot. So you have the flexibility to downsize your order based on what you truly think you’ll need. 


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This is certainly just a brief insight of how and why bbq catering goes hand in hand with an outdoor tent wedding. But we refer all of our brides to Outlaw BBQ Smokehouse in Hampstead, MD. They have over 10 years experience and their food is to die for. 

We wouldn’t just tell you to use them if we haven’t used them ourselves. All of our personal events for our company has gone through Steve and Leah Rodgers (the owners). We don’t require you to use them but we highly encourage you to use them because we wouldn’t send you there if we didn’t have 100% confidence that they’ll be your best bbq catering option.

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