3 Steps To Plan An Outdoor Tent Wedding

3 Steps To Plan An Outdoor Tent Wedding

The 1 Hour Reception Plan

With over 8 years of experience in the wedding industry, don’t believe ANYONE that says “planning a wedding is a piece of cake”.  It’s not necessarily easy but we do have 3-steps to help you eliminate most of the headaches you’ll experience.

The first 3 are pretty obvious so we will just list them before we get into the good stuff.

Step #1) The Plan

  1. Choose your wedding date (this will determine availability for venues/rental companies)
  2. Estimate your head count (you don’t need an exact # but this will control pricing for almost every vendor)
  3. Choose your location!

Congrats, you’ve already knocked out the FIRST STEP to planning an outdoor tent wedding. That is the “PLAN” Step. The place, date and amount of guests almost has to be the first thing you plan because it controls everything else.

For example: Let’s say you found your dream venue and you’re expecting 150 guests, only to go place your deposit and find out the venue can only hold 100 guests. 

Pro Tip #1: Get these 3 details "ironed out" before anything else.

Step #2) The Vision

This step can be 10x harder if you try to figure out everything yourself. Many brides spend COUNTLESS hours doing research online, reaching out to social media for advice when (without sounding arrogant) those people you’re reaching out to often times don’t have the answers you’re looking for. 

When it comes to an Outdoor Tent Wedding, the best place to get the guidance you’re looking for is speaking to experts that have experience and can truly help you create something magical. 

The next 3 details we need are:

  1. Choosing Your Tent
  2. Choosing Your Event Rentals
  3. Choosing Your Theme/Color Scheme

Imagine trying to figure out which tent would be best for your wedding if you had to figure it out yourself. It would take forever. 

To save you time, we created this awesome survey that tells you which tent is best for your wedding. 

Click Here to access the survey and quickly find out what tent is best for your wedding.

After we help you choose your wedding tent… It’s time to add some event rentals to make your wedding magical.

Again, we always focus on making things as simple as possible and “confusion-free” which is why we provide our brides with 3D wedding layouts like the one you see above.

After we discuss your vision, we give you a realistic 3D visual so you can actually see your wedding “digitally” without wondering what you’re actually paying for.

The last mini step in the envision step is to choose your color scheme and theme. This isn’t something you HAVE to do right away but it’s always neat to take out the default white table linens and replace them with your actual linen colors. 

We have over 59 colored linens to choose from so if you’re thinking “I wonder if Dreamers will have my linen colors“… There’s a pretty good chance we do! View Our Linens Here

Watch the video below to see how we plan our brides weddings in 3D before we set everything up.

Pro Tip #2: Avoid Trying To Plan Everything Yourself!

Step #3) The Creation

Wanna know something awesome? 

90% of this step is handled by the rental company 🙂 (Dreamers Event Rentals)

Once you receive your quote and are happy with everything we’ve put together for you in step #2, you’ll want to reserve your rental order by placing a deposit. That way no matter what, you can feel safe that your rentals are yours and you won’t have to worry about whether your items are available or not.

The final steps are to finalize your floor plan AFTER many changes. 

Yes, changes. When you reserve your rentals you may be expecting a certain amount of people and then after you receive RSVP’s you may have more or less guests. Which means your order will more than likely change. 

But, our clients don’t have much to worry about because that is why we always go back to the floor plan to ensure we can handle your changes.

Drum roll please……

The week of your wedding, we’ll schedule your delivery and our amazing team comes out and provides you with all your rentals. Trust us, when our team shows up and begins installing the tent, etc. You’ll get to watch your 4-10 month “plan” come to life. 

It’s truly a magical experience. 

Pro Tip #3: Anticipate Final Changes And Prepare For Last Minute Adjustments!

We hope this quick article helps you get started with planning your outdoor tent wedding. Below are a few additional resources that we feel can be very helpful for you. 

Thanks so much for reading, if you found value from these we would be forever grateful if you shared this with a bride that could benefit from this post 🙂

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