10 Ways To Spend Friday Night In Carroll County

It’s Friday night and you’re bored? Well get ready because we put together a list of 10 ways to spend your Friday night if you’re in Carroll County. They always say you don’t know what you got until it’s gone and this County has a lot to offer that I feel most of us forget about. Grab your friends and family and check out one of these 10 things to do on your Friday night.

1) Player's Fun Zone

They have everything to offer. It's a kid's dream place to hang out on a Friday night. Loaded with bounce houses, arcade games, batting cages and so much more.

2) Town Mall of Westminster

Okay, okay.... let's not all bash the mall at once. It isn't what it use to be. You still have plenty of shopping options and let's be honest, the mall still has potential for a Friday night.

3) Baugher's

One of the most family friendly locations in the county. It is an excellent choice if you have a small family. Plus, stop in for dinner while you're at it.

4) Regal Westminster 9

Movies are great for dates. If you're exhausted from parenting, call for a baby sitter and head on over. If you just met your partner last weekend than the movies is a great Friday night option.

5) Sportsman's Hall

Geared for the younger and early teens, you can have a lot of fun here. This would even be a great choice for a birthday party or just to bring your kid's if you have them.

6) Any Local Public Park

Who doesn't love free, not over crowded, family friendly places like a local park to take your kid's? Some parks are better than others but it never gets old watching your little ones run around the park.

7) Prettyboy Reservoir

Bring your bait, call your friends and head on over to spend an evening on the water. Always a great option but often more useful to spend the day there versus an evening.

8) Enter Exit Escape

Do you love a challenge? This is an AWESOME escape room test. Grab your friends and try to figure it out. This is something EVERYONE has to try at least once.

9) Stratosphere Trampoline Park

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.... Did we mention that this place is awesome? Open until 10pm and in Sykesville. Go have fun.

10) Maryland Mallet Restaurant and Smokehouse Pub

One of Carroll's newest restaurants and is a huge success. Open until 9pm go try some of Marylander's favorite entrees.

There we go. You have no reason to be a couch potato tonight and not go have fun with family and friends. And we’ll even give you a bonus fun way to spend your Friday night if you are riding solo…. Go get some of Hoffman’s Ice Cream. Who doesn’t love Hoffman’s?

If you are drinking tonight please remember to drink responsibly and think about others while you’re going about your night. Have a great weekend everyone.

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