Why An Outdoor Wedding Can Be Your Dream Wedding

Party Rentals Make For An Affordable Dream Wedding

Having the wedding of your dreams is always possible when you can get creative with your planning. Oftentimes, couples will explore multiple outdoor venues that are costly and not fully equipped with the amenities you need to have a great wedding. Many couples also run into the issue of finding a venue that charges extras for every amenity beyond renting the space itself, making for a costly wedding. But the fact of the matter is that you can have a dream wedding at a fair cost. Here’s how:

Having the wedding of your dreams is possible when you get creative

  • Ranch Wedding – If you know someone with open land that has the space to host an event, consider having your wedding there. Reach out to friends or family that have land. You could also reach out to ranch owners in the area. It is not uncommon for land owners rent out space on their land for weddings.
  • Dance Floor Rental – With weddings come dancing, and with an outdoor venue comes the need for a dance floor rental. Make sure you get a large enough dance floor for the amount of guests you have.
  • Party Tent – If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s absolutely vital for you to have a party tent. Whether it’s for shade for your guests, or a refuge  for rainy weather, a party tent rental should be one of the event rentals that you get.
  • Table and Chair Rentals – Tables and chairs are essential to any wedding. Chairs are necessary for both the ceremony and the reception. You’ll also need chair covers and tablecloth rentals as well.
  • DIY – When it comes to certain aspects of the wedding, you can get crafty and creative. This is especially true for the decor. Look up ideas for DIY bouquets and centerpieces so you can save money there as well.
  • Use One Party Rental Vendor – Working with one vendor for all of your event rental needs will help you save money on taxes, fees and deposits. Be sure to choose a vendor that can serve all of your needs, even linens.

If you’re wanting to have a beautiful wedding but don’t feel like you have the money, use the time you do have to create the perfect ambiance by doing your research and creating your own decor. Not only will it save you money, but it will give character to your wedding that is reminiscent of you and your spouse. If you’re looking to get all of your event rentals reserved, be sure to contact Dreamers Event Rentals today.

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