Terms of Service

Summarized bullets highlighting the most important details for your convenience of extensive reading:


  • 3% processing fee on all credit/debit card payments
  • Rentals are based on reservation NOT usage. No refunds will be granted for unused items


  • Typical pick ups are Friday 9 am – 12 pm returning Monday 9 am – 12 pm unless specified otherwise
  • The orders must be protected from outside elements. The order will NOT leave the store if items are exposed to rain/snow
  • There is a minimum order requirement of $300 for delivery. Otherwise order is required to be picked up and returned by client


  • Deliveries are based off of order size, location, and weather. We will do our best to get the order out as early as possible. Standard delivery is Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday unless noted otherwise. We will send you email confirmation about 1 week from event date with that information. All subject to change
  • Pick ups are usually Monday and/or Tuesday. All depends on the number of events, location, and/or weather. All subject to change
  • We only communicate with the name/number on the reservation
  • The delivery driver will call within the 4-hour window when on the way
  • There will be extra charges applied to the card on file IF:
    • The crew has to wait for whatever reason (not sure where tent should go, nobody is home, trees/branches are in the way, personal items are in the way, it is a long distance to walk/carry items, etc.)
  • Keep all items protected from outside elements. You will be charged if items are left outside wet from the rain/snow
  • Table and chair rentals do NOT include set up or breakdown. Customer is responsible for set up/breakdown unless paid for in advance

Payment/Order Status

  1. Reserving an OrderTo reserve an order we require a 25% non-refundable deposit of the gross amount of the estimate. A valid credit card on file (regardless of payment method). A signed contract of the initial order.
  2. Payment Method- We accept cash, check and credit card. All credit card transactions have a 3% processing fee that is non-negotiable. If paying cash at the time of delivery you MUST have exact change. Our crew does NOT carry change.
  3. Bounced Checks- Customer/renter is responsible for ALL bounced check fees related to insufficient funds when Dreamers Event Rentals accepts a check. You will be required to pay the standard $35 overdraft payment AND any other fees related to the transaction.
  4. Final Payment- You MUST be paid in full before delivery. If any balance is outstanding at the time of delivery, you must pay as soon as the crew arrives or you will be subject to an additional delivery fee and will be rescheduled.
  5. Late Payment- (Vendors Only) If payment is not paid in full within the agreed Net30 payment method than you will be subject to late fees. You agree to a $50.00 late fee for every month the balance remains outstanding (max of 3 months). All collection procedures taken after 3 months, the vendor/renter will be responsible for any/all expenses accumulated throughout the collection process.

Order Changes and Cancellation

  1. Tent Cancellation- If you cancel prior to 60 days of the event date, you’ll be required to pay 50% of the non-discounted tent rental price on the order. You may not cancel ANY tent rentals within 60 days of the event date and will be required to pay the full rental amount.
  2. Tent Change- If you are within 30 days of your scheduled event date and decide to decrease the size of your tent reservation than you will be subject to pay the original non-discounted tent rental price. All changes depend on availability which is not guaranteed.
  3. Equipment Changes- All rental item(s) minus tents are finalized 14 days prior to your scheduled event date. Any changes made before 14 days will result in the forfeited paid amount. All rental item(s) minus tents that are reduced or cancelled within 14 days of the scheduled event date will still be subject to full payment of the order regardless of the amount changed or cancelled.

Equipment Use and Rental Responsibilities

  1. Order Acceptance- It is our responsibility to go over quantity totals of rental items to ensure that the entire order is accurately delivered. Any damaged equipment spotted at the time of delivery will be replaced with proper working equipment as soon as possible. We will NOT refund/replace any equipment that has been damaged or misplaced after the delivery is complete. The person accepting the order must be 18 years or older and assumes full responsibility of the rental order during the entire rental duration.
  2. Dirty Equipment- Excessive filth of any kind will result in additional fees. You’re responsible for keeping all equipment as close to the condition you received it in as possible. Normal wear and tear will not be counted as excessive filth.
  3. Rental Protection- You MUST protect and cover all rental items during the duration of your rental period. You are responsible for any weather damage caused by unprotected coverage. Any rental items not covered at the time of pick up will be subject to charges.

Additional Fees and Charges

  1. Set Up- By default, all rental items are delivered in organized stacks. You may request for delivery items to be set up (one time only) which prices are as followed: $2.00/table, $1.00/chair. Diagram must be provided in order for crew to set up in a timely manner.
  2. Breakdown- By default, all rental items are expected to be in organized stacks and ready for pick up relatively the same way the items were delivered. If you would like for our crew to break down the rental items it will add $2.00/table and $1.00/chair.
  3. Scheduled Request- You are REQUIRED to schedule set up and breakdown ahead of time before delivery is made. If any rental item(s) are not properly stacked and organized for pick up than the customer/renter will be subject to paying the breakdown charges listed above.
  4. Venue Regulations- All venue regulations and requirements are to be addressed BEFORE delivery. Any conflicts related to venue regulations will result in additional charges if it causes a delay in our services. Our crew will not be asked to deal or communicate with venue directors. All delivery procedures and requirements on our end still apply at venues and the customer/renter is responsible for all communication to the venue director.
  5. Same Day Service- If you request to have the items delivered and picked up in the same day (regardless of the day of the week) you agree to pay any additional fees to process this request.
  6. Damage/Stolen/Lost- If any equipment is returned or picked up and not in the same (within reason) condition as it was delivered than the customer/renter will be subject to replacement charges. Damaged equipment will be subject to 50% of the MSRP replacement cost. Stolen or lost equipment is 100% the responsibility of the renter and any items not returned or present during pick up will be counted as missing and are subject to FULL replacement charges. This includes all accessory items related to the rental item (ex. An extension cord, etc.).
  7. Delay/Hold Over- If proper delivery preparation is not fully taken care of before delivery is made than customer/renter may be subject to additional fees. This includes mowing the lawn, picking up pet droppings, indirect delivery access (refer to standard delivery) waiting or full payment, confirmed tent location, etc. If our crew has any form of delay related to the customer’s control than the customer/renter will be subject to additional fees.
  8. Additional Fees- You agree to paying an additional fees charged by Dreamers Event Rentals in the event all charges are 100% true and honest. All additional charges will be made by the card on file. In the event that the card is declined, renter will be required to pay the additional fees as soon as possible. After 30 days of maintaining an outstanding balance, you will be required to go to small claims court for further collection procedures. You are responsible for all court, documentation and other fees obtained during this time.
  9. Damage Waiver- This is an optional but recommended charge of 10% of the gross order total that can protect against unforeseen activity. The damage waiver covers and protects you against all accidental damage to any rental equipment. The damage waiver does not protect against lost or stolen rental items. If any item is not present at the time of pick up than it will be considered missing/lost and customer/renter will be subject to replacement charges. Even if you damage the equipment, please have it present during pick up so we can honor the damage waiver coverage to protect you against other charges. If you decline the damage waiver than you are taking full responsibility of all additional charges made towards damage to the equipment. The damage waiver does not protect the renter against negligence or excessive amounts of broken rental equipment, unprotected items that are exposed to weather elements, and any other unexplainable conditions made to the equipment that was not present at the time of delivery.
  10. Linen Damage Waiver (LDW) – (All linen orders) Regardless of accepting the optional damage waiver are subject to a flat $45.00 non-negotiable damage waiver. This is strictly to cover our linens due to the high chance of frequent damage that is involved. LDW protects against wet, torn, burnt, stained or damaged. LDW does NOT protect against lost or stolen. Any missing linens must be replaced at full price.

Miscellaneous Terms

  1. Standard Delivery- Standard delivery includes direct access to the delivery location. It is required to provide the closest possible access point for our vehicle to park and delivery the rental order. Any conflict related to indirect access will result in additional charges. Delivery window includes a 4 hour time frame. For a more precise delivery time please contact us for additional fee. Delivery location MUST be able to cover all rental items. If not, customer/renter is required to protect and cover all rental items.
  2. Included Installation- Our crew will install and breakdown the tent, tent accessories, dance floor and perimeter lighting (additional fees for custom lighting request). Our crew will show you how all rental items work before delivery is complete. We do not set up or breakdown tables and chairs during installation.
  3. Proper Pickup Preparation- Customer MUST have all decorations and items cleared out from under the tent BEFORE our crew arrives for pick up. If our crew experiences a delay due to customer cleaning up the event at the time our crew arrives than the customer will be subject to additional fees. You are required to have rental items properly prepared which means similarly stacked as you received the delivery.
  4. Site Preparation- Customer/renter is required to provide a cleaned up and cleared out open area for the tent to be installed. We require direct access or closest possible drop off area to efficiently deliver the order. Renter is required to call and schedule for Miss Utility to mark underground lines. Our crew will NOT install any tent without Miss Utility confirmation. Our crew will NOT deliver if area is not cleared out or ready for installation. You MUST mark off where the tent will be installed if you cannot be present for delivery. We will NOT install the tent unless tent location is properly marked off. Dreamers Event Rentals is also NOT responsible or liable for any damage caused by staking into personal obstacles such as sprinkler systems, pool lines, etc. Property owner must mark personal obstacles before delivery crew arrives.
  5. Unsafe Property- Dreamers Event Rentals has full rights to remove any of our property from an event or location that we feel is unsafe. This may be due to weather, violence, negligence and any other unexplained reason that we feel our property is at risk.
  6. Subject to Change- Scheduling and installation of orders are one of our major priorities. Delivery windows often experience delays or setbacks due to so many unforeseen reasons. You understand that we are trying our hardest to perfect every order but sometimes it is out of our control.
  7. Privacy Policy- All of your information is held private through our system and none of your information is shared with ANY third party outside of Dreamers Event Rentals. We take huge responsibility in your personal information and we want to inform you that your information remains private and protected 100% of the time.
  8. Site Inspection- You are required to confirm the property for tent installation meets all Dreamers Event Rentals requirements. If you are uncertain than we do offer site inspections for the cost of a standard delivery fee. If you book your event with us, the paid delivery fee will be applied to your order balance and you will not have to pay for the site inspection. If you decide to not book, the delivery fee is non-refundable.
  9. Card Authorization- You agree that Dreamers is authorized to charge and run the credit card held on file for any reason. You agree that without warning or notification, Dreamers Event Rentals will be allowed to complete any transaction made on the account/order.


My signature acknowledges that I understand and will accept all terms and conditions explained by Dreamers Event Rentals LLC.

I understand that some contract details are situational and Dreamers has all rights to charge for any unaccepted behavior towards their property or crew. Any disputes made will be covered at my expense and I will be obligated to cover any additional fees accumulated for any legal or documentation costs in relation to court.


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