This equipment rental agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between the company, Dreamers Event Rentals LLC (“Dreamers”) organized under the laws of Maryland, and the primary contact (“Renter”) who’s full name is printed and signed on this digital and/or printed copy of the Agreement. Dreamers and Renter are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Parties”. Both Parties agree to the following terms (“Terms”) listed in the Agreement, which will be applicable towards the rental equipment, (“Items”) and/or services (“Services”) listed on Renter’s quote/order (“Order”), identified by the Quote/Order ID listed on Renter’s quote/order. Agreement is effective as of the date (“Effective Date”) Renter signs the Agreement.

  1.  Order Reservation 

 Dreamers agrees to rent and provide Renter with the Items and Services on the Date of Event (“Date of Event“) listed on Renter’s Order. Reservation of Items and Services includes a 1-Day rental for the Date of Event. Renter agrees to reserve the Items and Services in full by completing the following: 

  1.  Submit a digital or printed signed copy of this Agreement.  

  2.  Provide a valid card on file within 7 days of the Effective Date.  

  3.  Place a NON-refundable deposit within 7 days of the Effective Date, in the amount of 25% of the Order Total. 

Renter’s Order is not reserved until Dreamers confirms and approves the Order. Dreamers will notify Renter by  phone/email within 3 business days whether the Reservation is confirmed. Availability of Items listed on Renter’s Order are not guaranteed until the following terms are complete. Renter understands that Items and Services are paid for and provided by reservation, NOT usage. Therefore no refund will be provided for reserved Items and Services that are not used or needed. Reservation of Items and Services are considered final, 14 days before the Date of Event. Any modification to the Order within 14 days of the Date of Event may be subject to additional fees.

  1.   Payment

 Renter agrees to pay in full within  7 days prior to the Date of Event. Payments can be made by card, cash or check. All card transactions require a 3% convenience fee which will be paid by Renter and may not be reflected on the Order. Renter is responsible for the full repayment of any bank charges caused by but not limited to; a bounced check, insufficient funds or any other failed payment made by Renter.   Failure to pay in full within  7 days before the Date of Event, Renter allows Dreamers to complete the final payment by card, using the card information on file provided by Renter. Any unpaid balance due after the Date of Event will be subject to an additional 10% charge of the remaining balance. Any outstanding balance exceeding 30 days will be submitted to a Collection Agency chosen by Dreamers and Renter will be responsible for any fee’s that are incurred and/or associated to the failure of final payment. 

  1.  Cancellation/Item Modification 

 All payments applied to the Order are non-refundable and will be forfeited for a canceled Order. Tent rental Items are classified as and include; tents and tent accessories. Event rental Items are classified as and include but not limited to; tables, chairs, dance floor and linens. 

 Tent Rental CancellationRenter agrees to pay 50% of all non-discounted tent rental costs listed on the Order, if canceled before 45 days of the Date of Event.  Tent rentals canceled within 45 days of the Date of Event are subject to full payment.

 Tent Rental Change – If Renter requests to decrease the size of a reserved tent rental at any time, Renter will be required to pay the full amount of the originally reserved tent rental. If Renter increases the size of a reserved tent rental at any time, Renter will pay the additional cost of the larger tent. All changes are subject to availability and approval by Dreamers. 

 Event Rental CancellationIf Renter requests to remove and/or cancel any event rental Items from the Order before 14 days of the Date of Event, Items are non-refundable but not subject to full payment. Event rental Items removed from a reserved order within 14 days of the Date of Event are subject to full payment. 

 Event Rental Change – All event rental Items are considered final on the 14th day before the Date of Event. Any addition of event rental Items are subject to availability, approval by Dreamers, and the added cost of the additional Items. 
Third Party Items – For rental Items that are provided by third party vendors such as but not limited to; linens, restrooms and tent heaters, the Customer agrees to all Third Party vendor Terms and Conditions, and allows Dreamers to place reservations with said Third Party Vendors on the Renter’s behalf.

  1.  Delivery  and Pick Up (Delivery Orders Only)

 Dreamers will deliver Items and Services to Renter within 1-3 days prior to the Date of Event, and return for pick up within 1-3 days following the Date of Event. Dreamers will notify Renter of delivery date and time via phone/email within 14 days of the Date of Event. If a specific delivery and/or pick up date or time is needed, Renter must notify Dreamers at least 14 days prior to Date of Event, subject to approval and additional fees. Renter will provide direct access to the delivery and pick up area at the address listed on the Order. Any conflict with delivery and/or pick up not disclosed prior to arrival, resulting in a delay (more than 15mins) such as but not limited to; excessive distance (over 50ft) from vehicle to drop off spot, elevator or stair use, moving furniture, landscaping, cleaning up pet droppings or Renter’s not present at arrival will result in additional charges. Renter is responsible for providing authorization for access and use of public and/or private property, and obtaining any permits or documents required by officials for use of public and/or private property. 

  1.  Site Preparation  and Installation

 Renter must  provide a cleared area, which includes an additional 5ft-7ft of space greater than the width and length of the reserved tent rental, for tent installation. Renter is required to have the property marked by Miss Utility for clearance of underground lines. Dreamers is NOT responsible for any damage to Renter’s property and shall not be held liable for any repair/replacement costs in the event of but not limited to; penetrating an underground line, installing the tent or handling the Items, otherwise not identified in writing 14 days prior to delivery. Renter is responsible for marking the desired tent installation spot if Renter cannot be present at delivery arrival. If Dreamers is unable to properly install tent rental Items for any reason, the Customer will remain liable for full payment of the Items. Dreamers will install the tent, tent accessories and dance floor. Dreamers will deliver all event rental Items such as but not limited to; tables, chairs and linens, in organized stacks under the tent (if applicable) or in a covered area. Renter will be responsible for setting up any event rental Items, unless specific setup and/or breakdown Services were arranged 7 days prior to the Date of Event. All tent installations are final and shall not be moved, altered or modified after installation is complete. Renter is responsible for providing power for all Items that require a power source. 

  1.  Damage Waiver 

 The Damage Waiver (“DW”) reflected on the Order will protect Renter from accidental damage to the rental Items incurred during the duration that Renter is in possession of and responsible for the rental Items. A non-refundable 10% DW is applied to all Items, which is an optional protection plan that may be declined by Renter upon request. The DW does not protect Renter from the following but not limited to; lost or missing Items, negligent usage or excessive damage to Items, unprotected Items exposed to rain/snow. Any damaged Items must be present during pick up, otherwise Items will be recorded as missing and Renter will be subject to pay the full replacement cost of the missing Items. If the DW is declined by Renter, Renter will be fully responsible for 100% of the replacement and/or repair costs of the damaged and/or missing Items. Items will be inspected by Dreamers at the time of pick up. 

  1.   Responsibilities And Inspection

 Renter must be present at delivery arrival to confirm the rental Items. Dreamers will review with Renter that all Items are delivered and in working condition. Any Items not in working condition at the time of delivery will be replaced at no additional cost. Renter will inspect rental Items before delivery departure. Any conflict of quality or quantity of Items not addressed upon delivery departure, will be the responsibility of Renter, and any misplaced or defected Items will not be refunded or replaced. Any Items added after delivery departure will be subject to availability and additional fees. Renter agrees to bear full responsibility of Items and shall keep the Items within its control at all times. Items shall only be used for their intended purposes. Items shall at all times, remain the sole property of Dreamers, and Renter shall have no right, title or interest except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. Renter is required to have all event rental Items stacked, dry and protected under the tent (if applicable) or a covered area, similar to the way the Items were received at delivery. In the event of but not limited to; event rental Items not stacked and/or are exposed to inclement weather, direct access to rental Items not provided or any other conflict resulting in a delay, Renter agrees to pay additional fees. Renter is responsible for removing all personal property out from under the tent rental BEFORE Dreamers staff returns for pick up.  

  1.  Customer Pick Up and Returns 

 (Excludes delivery orders) Dreamers will make Items available for pick up 1-2 days before the Date of Event. Renter will return the Items 1-2 days following the Date of Event, subject to scheduling approval by Dreamers. Items not returned by the scheduled return date and time will be subject to a re-rental fee, in the amount of two times the original Order total. Dreamers will assist in loading and unloading Items into the Renters vehicle. Renter is responsible for securing Items and covering the Items from inclement weather during transportation and during the entire rental duration in which the Items are in the Renter’s possession. Items returned wet, uncovered or excessive filth will be subject to additional fees.  Dreamers will count and inspect Items at return. Renter will be subject to full replacement and/or repair costs for any Items missing, damaged or defected. If Renter is not present within the scheduled date and time window to pick up the Items, Renter agrees to forfeit the Order and will be subject full payment. 

  1.  Safety 

 Renter is responsible for the safety and use of rental Items during the entire duration that Renter is in possession the rental Items. Renter is responsible for evacuating the tent in the event of but not limited to; winds exceeding 25mph, tent pieces fall out of position or at any point you feel unsafe. No open flame heaters are allowed within the inside perimeter of the tent space. No tiki torches, fire pits or open flames are allowed within 20ft of the tent space. If at any moment, Dreamers concludes the Items are subject to risk due to but not limited to; weather, violence, negligence or any other reason not listed, Dreamers remains fully eligible to withdrawal from this Agreement and return to pick up the Items without notice and no refund shall be granted. 

  1.  General Terms and Conditions 

  • Venue RestrictionsRenter must notify Dreamers of any venue regulations and/or restrictions 14 days prior to Date of Event. All communication involved with Dreamers will be made directly with Renter and Renter agrees to coordinate with the venue directly. All Terms listed in the Agreement remain applicable at third party locations and Renter agrees to take full responsibility and liability of fulfilling these Terms, regardless of location.

  • Indemnification – Renter agrees to indemnify and hold Dreamers and staff harmless from any claims, causes of action, suits, liabilities, damages, losses, injuries, costs, and expenses (including attorney and court costs), to the extent Dreamers is held liable for the actions of Renter arising out of this Agreement.

  • Amendment – This Agreement may only be amended as both Parties mutually agree in writing. Otherwise, any verbal provision to the Agreement, should not waive any Term stated in the Agreement. Except for the specific provision of the Agreement, which is thereby amended, the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect after such amendment subject to the same terms, obligations, conditions, provisions, rules and regulations, as it was before the said amendment.

  • Non-Severability – If any portion of this Agreement is found invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and binding upon both parties to this rental Agreement. Dreamers may reserve the right to modify and/or update the existing terms without notice.

  • Warranties – Dreamers provides Items and Services “as is” without any warranty. Renter acknowledges that the rental Items are of a style, size and quantity requested and selected by the Renter. Dreamers has not made and does not make any representation, warranty, covenant, express or implied with respect to the condition, quality, durability or suitability of the rental Items and expressly disclaims the same.

  • Entire Agreement – The Agreement represents the complete and final understanding of the Parties and no other understanding or representations, oral or written, regarding the subject matter of this Agreement, shall be deemed to exist or to bind the Parties hereto at the time of execution. The Agreement shall not be re-used for multiple reservations and shall remain applicable towards the Items and Services, identified by my Order ID that matches my Date of Event.

  • Force Majeure If an executive order is issued by Government officials, which restricts Renter’s ability to host an event in its entirety due to but limited to; acts of God, war, terrorist act, epidemic, pandemic, or government mandated restrictions (such events, collectively “Force Majeure”), Dreamers will honor the option of a full refund in the total amount paid on the Order or to reschedule. Rescheduling a reservation of Items is subject to availability, approval by Dreamers and 50% of original deposit will be applied to the rescheduled reservation. For the avoidance of doubt, Force Majeure shall not include the following but not limited to; decrease in guest count, personal concern, change of plans or any other reason that would cause the Renter to cancel a reservation.

  • Privacy Policy – All information provided by or involving Renter remains private through Dreamers secured and encrypted systems and will not be shared or sold with any third party entity. Dreamers uses cookies on the company website ( to temporarily store information about its users for marketing and promotional services only. Users should enter and engage with the site at their own risk.

  • Third Party – Renter hereby agrees that he/she will be bound by these Terms and therefore responsible for Orders placed on his/her behalf by a third party such as but not limited to; an event coordinator, planner, representative, or agent of Renter, for which such Renter is identified on the Quote and/or Order, as if such Renter placed such Order directly with Dreamers.

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