How Many People Fit Under A 40 x 80 Tent?

Aerial Shot of An Outdoor Tent Reception

We’ll help you deciding exactly how many people fit under a 40 x 80 tent which will help you determine which size tent is best for your event. We want to value your time, so the simple answer is this: A 40 x 80 tent can hold between 256 – 384 people. If you seat guests at round tables it holds up to 256 people and if you seat guests at rectangle tables, a 40 x 80 tent can hold up to 384 guests. 

However, if you plan on adding other things under your tent such as a dance floor, food tables, gift tables, etc. Then you’ll likely need a bigger tent depending on what you’re planning to do under the tent.

Seating Only

If you’re only using your 40 x 80 tent for seating guests, check out the images below to see how it looks with just tables and chairs. This tent is a very popular tent rental that we provide, especially for weddings and company parties.

40 x 80 Tent with Rectangle Tables
40 x 80 Tent with Round Tables

Need More Than Just Seating?

So, what if you need MORE than just seating for your guests? Well, let’s take a look at it. We’ll show you a few different 3D Event Plans to illustrate how to space out your 40 x 80 tent. 

Wedding Layout #1

We create 3D layouts for our clients to give them the best visual of their wedding. What you see in this image is a 40 x 80 pole tent, (16) Round tables for 128 guests, a rectangle head table for bridal party, buffet food tables and a 16ft x 16ft dance floor. This layout is PERFECT for a small sized wedding of 120-140 guests and costs could stay under $4,500 for ALL of these rentals!

Wedding Layout #2

Notice how in this 3D Tent Layout we still have a 40 x 80 (frame) tent but with rectangle tables vs round tables, we can fit up to 192 guests. All while still having enough space for a dance floor, DJ setup and various options such as food tables, gift tables and more. Oh, and of course a sweetheart table for the wonderful bride and groom. This is a real 3D layout from one of our clients. This layout is PERFECT for a wedding with 190-250 guests and costs would stay under $5,000 for ALL of these rentals!

Backyard Tent Reception In Hampstead Maryland

Want Help Planning Your Event?

With over 2,500+ events serviced, we can help you plan your event too. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, company party or birthday, we gotcha. We hope this article helped you understand the true size of a 40 x 80 tent. We’ll provide a few links below to help you continue planning your event. Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. My boss wants to rent a tent for a corporate event and would like to know how many persons fit under a 40 x 80 tent. I like that you explain a tent can hold between 256 – 384 people depending on the type of tables that are set. Thank you for sharing the picture of how a tent would look like set up with either rectangular or circular tables.

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