How Many People Fit Under A 40 x 60 Tent?

This article will tell you how many people fit under a 40 x 60 tent. As we value your time, the simple answer is below. A 40 x 60 tent can fit between 192 – 288 people. If you seat guests at round tables it holds up to 192 people and if you seat guests at rectangle tables, it holds up to 288 guests. 

However, if you plan on adding other things under your tent such as a dance floor, food tables, gift tables, etc. Then you’ll likely need a bigger tent depending on what you’re planning to do under the tent.

Just Need Seating?

Like we stated above, if you’re JUST using the tent to seat guests then it makes things VERY simple. If you seat guests at 8 foot rectangle tables then you can fit up to 288 guests under a 40 x 60 tent. If you seat guests at 60 inch round tables then you can fit up to 192 guests. Check out the images below to see how it looks.

40 x 60 Tent with Rectangle Tables
40 x 60 Tent with Round Tables

Need More Than Just Seating?

So, what if you need MORE than just seating for your guests?

Well, let’s take a look at it. We’ll show you a 3D Event Plans to illustrate how to space out your 40 x 60 tent. 

Tent Layout For 130 Guests

We create 3D layouts for our clients to give them the best visual of their wedding. What you see in this image is a 40 x 60 frame tent, (16) round tables for guests, (2) rectangle tables for a head table, (2) rectangle buffet food tables and a dance floor.
This layout is PERFECT for a small sized wedding of 130 guests and costs would stay under $2,500 for ALL of these rentals!

Our company can help you find the perfect size tent for your event. It could be confusing if this is your first time planning an event. Which is why we try to make it as simple as possible. Check out the links below to get more help planning online. When you’re ready to consider reserving your tent rental, you can request a quote online.

Click and drag the arrow below to see how we take our 3D layouts and turn them into real life when we set up your event!

Before After

Want Help Planning Your Event?

With over 2,500+ events serviced, we can help you plan your event too. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, company party or birthday, we gotcha. We hope this article helped you understand the true size of a 40 x 60 tent. We’ll provide a few links below to help you continue planning your event. Thanks so much for reading!

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